Monday, December 20, 2021

#AdventReading Day-20: The Chrismas Mystery - Cherubiel (The Fourth Angel)

It's four days to Christmas. Papa and Mama are now waking up before Joachim every morning, so excited to open the door of the magic Advent calendar, which today reveals a peculiar un-Christmas-sy picture: a man lying on the ground, looking up at a bright light that was shining down from heaven. What could it be?

Meanwhile, the pilgrims are getting closer to Betlehem. They are now running along through Asia Minor, and arrive in Syria. They stop for a while at Tarsus, the birthplace of Saint Paul, then speed along the Gulf of Alex-andretta till they reach Antioch, where Paul's missionary journey had first begun.

Here Ephiriel explains about how Paul's missionary had spread Christianity to whole other nations, so that Jesus didn't belong to the Jews only.

Then they arrive at an old Roman road towards Damascus, the capital of Syria, where Ephiriel makes them stop. It turns out to be the same road where Paul had a vision, and converted (that is what the picture in today's Advent calendar represents). Ephiriel calls that "a miracle that was of great importance for the history of the whole world." Even Emperor Augustus plants his scepter on the exact spot, as token of his approval.

Paul's conversion

While Ephiriel is speaking, something falls down from the sky. It's the fourth angel: Cherubiel, who will take the journey with them to Betlehem. It is now the year of 235 .

Meanwhile, it is Sunday at Joachim's. He and his parents are starting to make some Christmas preparations, cleaning the house, baking cakes, and colouring marzipan sweets. Today Papa even read the Bible to check the story about Paul. So, we better leave them all for now, and come back again tomorrow.

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