Thursday, December 2, 2021

#AdventReading Day-2: The Christmas Mystery: Ephiriel

Credit: Flora Waycott


On second day of Advent Joachim finds another little surprise. His calendar has a beautiful picture of nativity scene. However, today, he notices that there is a little lamb lying at the feet of one of the shepherds. Is this the lambkin that Elisabet has been chasing from chapter 1? Even Joachim begins to suspect there's some parallel existences between the real world and the story hidden inside the calendar.

The story continues with Elisabet, still chasing the lambkin, notices that now the weather on the landscape is also changing, from winter to summer. The lamb is grazing greedily on the small grassy bank. But when Elisabet is trying to stroke it, the lamb jumps again, and Elisabet falls down on the ground when trying to catch it.

Then a new figure comes... an angel who introduces himself as Ephiriel. His first word to Elisabet is: Fear not! - something familiar about these two words? ;) And he explains that the lambkin is in hurry because it's going to Betlehem! - "For that's where Jesus was born".

Of course, Elisabet wants to go there too, and now the three of them - Elisabet, Ephiriel, and the lamb - are on the way to Betlehem.

I begin to love this book. Like Joachim, I find myself looking forward to what will be opening tomorrow... December is the month when everything seems to rush so fast I seldom remember what I have been doing, let alone thinking about Advent. Along with Joachim, I am now trying to slow down and contemplate more on what Advent truly is, and let this be my semi-spiritual journey towards Christmas.

Oh, I almost forgot! Joachim's father lost his driver's license. I had a feeling this will be an important thread in the next chapters. That's one of the joys of reading Gaarder, you'll never know what you'll find next!

Can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow!

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