Tuesday, December 14, 2021

#AdventReading Day-14: The Christmas Mystery - Isaac the 3rd Shepherd

credit: Flora Waycott

In term of plot, the fourteenth chapter is, by far, the flattest. There's almost no interesting thing happen.

A picture of a raft with people, animals and angels appears inside door number 14 when Joachim and his parents opens it. Of course, they are the fourteen pilgrims who are going to Betlehem through time and distant.

Their raft is sailing across River Po towards Padua. During their journey, people often see a glimpse - only a mere split of a second - of the weirdest procession they have ever seen. Some think it's a heavenly phenomenon, but most of them think it's only a reflection. I think the same goes with our faith. Some of us truly believe in God, in His Way and His Truth, in Heaven, but some might think it's just a tale. Just like Joachim's Papa. Unlike Mama, he's only interested in Elisabet and the gang's journey through distant - he even brings home a large atlas to follow their route by finger, which he confirms because he finds it in his atlas. He does not really believe that they could travel through time.

The River Po

When the pilgrims arrive at the town gate of Padua, they see a man in blue tunic sitting on a stone, who introduces himself as Isaac, the third shepherd, and he too is going to Betlehem with them.

Ephiriel looks at his angel watch; it shows the year 800. At Christmas Day Charles the Great or Charlemagne will be crowned Emperor of Rome.

Goodbye for now, and see you again tomorrow!

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