Wednesday, December 15, 2021

#AdventReading Day-15: The Christmas Mystery - The Seventh Sheep


credit: Flora Waycott

Nowadays Joachim's Mama and Papa are as excited as Joachim when morning comes, and they are about to open the next door of the Advent Calendar. By the way, if you have your own Advent Calendar, would you think about cheating, and peeping what's inside tomorrow's door? Joachim once had that thought, but he controlled himself. I wonder whether his parents didn't have the same impulse.

Anyway, door no. 15 is for islands and skerries (islets) with houses on them. Elisabet and the gang (two kings, two angels, three shepherds, one Roman, six sheep - do I forget someone/something?..) has reached the Venetian lagoon. It's in the year 797, so that Venice is still young. Only few centuries ago The Venetians settled there to take refuge from sea pirates and barbarians. And while they are looking out, a boat is approaching; inside which stand some sheep. The rowing man offers them one sheep after Ephiriel saved him from drowning as he fell from the boat, and it becomes the seventh sheep of the growing flock.

Venetian Lagoon - today

After that, they resume their journey through Aquileia (an ancient town in Italy), and Trieste (a city on the Yugoslavia border). Tomorrow they will arrive at Croatia.

Same as yesterday, Joachim's Papa immediately consults his atlases (he also brings home a historical atlas) to locate the towns Elisabet and the gang has passed. To explain why he needs more than one atlas, here's a rather funny answer:

"History is like a big pile of pancakes where each pancake is a new map of the world." - it made me craving for pancakes!

Later in the afternoon, the family stop by at the market to look for John the flower seller, but he's nowhere to be seen. They ask the bookseller where John is from, and the bookseller reveals that John said he was born in Damaskus. Damaskus is the capital of Syria, so.... does that mean we will meet John again soon? 

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