Tuesday, December 21, 2021

#AdventReading Day-21: The Christmas Mystery - Evangeliel (The Fifth Angel)

credit: Flora Waycott

On the 21st day of December, Joachim is rather worried about Christmas, because it means the excitement of finding something new from the Advent calendar everyday would be no more. Today's picture is of a village beside a shining lake. The village and the low hills round the lake were bathed in gold.

The pilgrims are walking alongside the bank of River Barada in the 2nd century. Two soldiers at the gate of Damascus see the glimpse of the procession, and while wondering what that was, remember a story of two other soldiers at the east gate, one of whom had been knocked over by a strange procession few days ago.

The pilgrims finally reach Lake of Gennesareth in Galilee, the image of which is printed inside door no. 21 of Joachim's magic Advent calendar.

"The village consisted of simple houses with a small shed for livestock at one end. Between the houses walked loaded donkeys led by men wearing tunics and cloaks. The women, in loose clothing, were carrying jars on their heads."

It is in the village of Capernaum, on the old caravan trail between Damascus and Egypt, where Jesus called His first disciples.

The three angels then explains things that had happened on the Lake Gennesareth according to the Bible. They also make a stop to see the place where Jesus made His Sermon on the Mount and taught people to pray and to be kind to one another. The essence of which, the Three Wise Men highlighted that "That is the message of Christmas."

It is in the year of 107, that the procession stop at Nazareth, the town where the angel of the Lord appeared to Mary and tell her she was going to have a child, and where Jesus grew up.

And suddenly, something is falling down from the sky - similar to the yesterday's phenomenon. The fifth angel is blowing the trumpet he's holding, and says: 'I am the angel Evangeliel, and I proclaim to you a great joy. There is only a short time left until Jesus is born.’

Christmas is nearer, and while our journey is near to end, Joachim and his parents are yet to solve the mystery of who had made the magic Calendar, who is Elisabet, and whether the whole story they have been reading has a remote correlation with history. So, let them pondering for a while, and see whether they will solve it tomorrow.

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