Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Mrs. Mitchell! - Review Posts - Gone With The Wind Read Along

It’s been more than two months since we start our read along, and today is time for celebration. :) There have been many comments and opinions appearing in the update post throughout the read along. There are many of you that hate Scarlett, some love her from the beginning, and others are still changing their minds. This famous work of Mrs. Mitchell has many sides that led to different types of reactions from different people.

And according to what we have planned at the beginning of the read along, today we will post our review simultaneously, on the event of Margaret Mitchell’s birthday (today, 8th November). Happy birthday, Mrs. Mitchell!

Please include a link of your review in the linky below, and let's visit each other and share opinions about the book that won the Pulitzer Prize at 1937. And last but not least, Bzee and I would like to thank all of you for participating in our first read along. It’s been a fun event, and very helpful for both me and Bzee (and perhaps most of you too) to ‘conquer’ the 1400s pages of GWTW! Thanks for your comments, as well discussions on twitter #GWTWReadAlong.

Linky format:
- Simply write your name at the linky, or with your blog name if you wish.
- For you who post reviews in Bahasa Indonesia, please add [IND] after your name.


Peri Hutan [IND]
Althesia [IND]
Dani [IND]

The linky has been closed, but if you still want to post your review, you can leave a comment with your post URL, I will include it in the above Review Posts list. Thanks...


  1. Yayyy I'm so glad we all stuck it out! It was a ton of fun, thanks for hosting it. :D Sorry I was a little bit late posting. It's only 7:45 am over here on the East Coast of the USA. XD

    1. was indeed fun! And thanks for reading it along with us... :)

  2. why the linky is closed? :(
    It's not even 12 PM.

    here is my review anyway

    1. Sorry Ally, it's a technical problem, it's opened now, you can put your link.


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