Friday, November 30, 2012

December’s Reading Events and Plans

How time has been running very fast! At this time tomorrow I would be starting the first day of December by a reading event.

It’s o (Delaisse)’s December Readathon to start December (1 – 2 December)

I’ll be spending most of my times during this weekend reading Great Expectations; no internet (yes, I’ll pluck off my modem connection for two days, how difficult that would be? I can do it!). I have started Great Expectations to around page 130s, so let’s see where I would end up at the end of this readathon (I’ll post about this later).

I’m reading Great Expectations also for another reading event:

Dickens in December hosted by Caroline and Delia

Great Expectations is the only novel I’m going to read for this event, saving two others in my TBR pile for my own upcoming event on February 2013: Celebrating Dickens. But, I’ll watch movie adaptations of Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol for the Watchalong. Hopefully I can finish the reading before the watchalong!

Apart from GE for those two events, I’m going to read Merchant of Venice for my Let’s Read Plays event, Heart of Darkness for my WEM Self Project, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn for completing my Historical Fiction Challenge (hosted by Maria).

Wew…it’s a month full of events/project/challenge, but it makes me even more excited! Yeah…I love challenges! ;) What about you, what’s your plan for the last month of this year?

Oh, and don’t forget to check my Book Kaleidoscope 2012 feature, in case you want to wrap up your reading experience of the whole 2012 in an interesting feature!...


  1. I've been thinking of joining the readathon, but I've got to wait to see what my weekend plans are. I'm sure I'll end up signing up eventually anyway. :p

    1. readathon has ended successfully! That was my 1st readathon, and I enjoyed it very much (or perhaps it's because I've picked the right book?..)


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