Monday, November 5, 2012

Character Thursday For Let’s Read Plays

One aspect in reading plays that is quite different from prose, is that we get so familiar with the characters. Scenes in the plays enable us to see them vividly in every act, dialog and emotion. During Let’s Read Plays event, I am inviting you to post about these characters, which will add more fun to the yearlong event! As I already have my own Character Thursday feature, I’m thinking about combining these feature & event.

In short, you can….

  • Choose any character from plays you read (as many as characters from each play, and from as many as plays you like).
  • Post each of your character analysis/summary on Thursdays.
  • Link up each your post in the linky in my Character Thursday post on the respective week.
  • I will update your Character Thursday posts below this original post.
  • All Character Thursday posts would be eligible for my giveaway at the end of the event (only for signed up participants – see the list in Sign Up post).

I’m waiting for your Character Thursdays, and have fun… :)


Shakespeare's Tragedy:

Julius Caesar
(1) Listra (Portia) -- (2) Fanda (Brutus) -- (4) Fanda (Cassius) -- (6) Bzee (Julius Caesar)

(3) Arenel (Banquo) --

Romeo and Juliet
(5) Dessy (Mercutio) --

Antony and Cleopatra
(7) Fanda (Mark Antony) -- (8) Fanda (Cleopatra) --

King Lear
(18) Fanda (Earl of Kent) -- (19) Fanda (Cordelia) --

Shakespeare's Comedy:

Two Gentlemen of Verona
(9) Listra (Silvia) --

The Merchant of Venice
(10) Fanda (Portia) -- (11) Fanda (Antonio)

As You Like It
(13) Bzee (Orlando) -- (14) Bzee (Rosalind)

The Tempest
(15) Ann (Ferdinand) --

The Taming of the Shrew
(20) Fanda (Katharina)

Love's Labor's Lost
(21) Listra (Berowne)

Other Authors:

Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
(12) Listra (Roxane) --

The Crucible by Arthur Miller
(14) Maria (Abigail Williams) -- (16) Maria (Samuel Parris)

Medea by Euripides
(17) Fanda (Medea) --

Oscar Wilde
(22) Bzee (Lord Goring)

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