Friday, June 22, 2012

Literary Classics Challenge - Friday Progress (3)

This week is my most productive week for the Literary Classics Reading Challenge so far. I have done with Black Beauty, and it has been a very relaxing moment after reading a Dickens J. I’ve been enjoying Black Beauty for only 2 or 3 days, mostly in the weekend.

Then I started a new week with a new book with a fresh excitement. Oscar Wilde’s ThePicture of Dorian Gray was my choice, and I’m glad I’d picked this book. Dorian Gray is a kind of psychological story, and I always love fictions which talk a lot about psychological aspects. Besides that, I’m in the mood for reading Victorian books for A Victorian Celebration. Dorian Gray is also a perfect choice for Indonesian Book Blogger’s group read of this month theme: gothic, and will be counted as my ninth classics for Classics Club Project.

At first I thought Dorian Gray will be quite fast, for it is only 256 pages. However after finishing chapter 1, I soon realized that this is a book that you must digest slowly to be able to get the best of it. If book is a drink, Dorian Gray is a cup of coffee…instead of drinking it in gulps, you should take it sip by sip, while savouring the bitter-sweet taste, feeling the warmth liquid flowing through your throat and inhaling the sweet fragrance that come into your nostrils. There are many aspects in a cup of coffee that you can enjoy, which, if you drink it in a hurry, you will lose the sensation! J (writing this made me crave for a cup of coffee!). 

And so, I decided to read Dorian Gray chapter by chapter, and write a post for each chapter (sometimes I will write for 2 chapters in a post) right after I read the chapter. I won’t leap to next chapter before I sit down and pour all my thoughts of what I have read in my PDA (I usually do it after dinner), to be posted the next morning. That way, I can read a new chapter in the next morning with a new excitement.

Reading AND writing takes a long time indeed, and I haven’t had much time lately, but I think it’s worth the satisfaction I got from this book. Anyway, I can always catch up the schedule on weekend, and hope I can finish it by end of this month. If you are curious with The Picture of Dorian Gray, you can take a look at my chapter posts on my sidebar. But I warn you, you might find spoilers on them!  

Well, that’s my week, what about you, how is your classics reading this week?


  1. Fanda, I love your tenacity and your intelligence. I learn something every time I read what you think about a particular book. I'm glad you are my friend.

    1. Wow Ali...actually I'm still learning to write in English, I'm still far behind you guys, who speak and write in English, but I'm trying. Thanks so much (again) for all your support. And I'm glad too to befriend with you! :)

  2. You are not behind in my opinion. I admire your ability to use a second language.


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